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  • Hand dryers

    Hand dryers

    A full range of electric hand dryers, specially designed for optimal performance and appropriate for each public space; with maximum drying efficiency, low noise level and different finishes. GENWEC & WORLD DRYER
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  • Hair dryers

    Hair dryers

    Hair dryers designed for public spaces such as hotels and fitness centers, providing maximum drying efficiency with a guaranteed comfort use; and anti vandalism anchoring systems.
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  • Paper dispensers

    Paper dispensers

  • Soap dispensers

    Soap dispensers

  • Washroom accessories

    Washroom accessories

  • Wastepaper bins

    Wastepaper bins

  • Baby changing stations

    Baby changing stations

  • Inox sanitary products

    Inox sanitary products

  • Compact furniture

    Compact furniture

  • Water dispensers

    Water dispensers

  • Technical mobility supports

    Technical mobility supports

  • Emergency showers

    Emergency showers

  • Timed taps

    Timed taps

  • Insect killers

    Insect killers