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At GENWEC, we have launched a new website



More visual, intuitive and functional

At Genwec, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website, with an attractive, minimalist and much more functional design so you can find all the information quickly and intuitively.
Here are the enhancements and updates we’ve added to the new website:

  • New content organization.
  • Clear and visual home page.
  • Differentiated product and category pages.
  • Responsive design to suit all types of devices.
  • Exclusive private area for Genwec customers.
  • Available domestically and worldwide.

Why we made this change

At Genwec, we work every day to provide the best service for our customers. And this translates not only into making quality products, but also working to give customers a positive experience throughout the process.

As such, our main objective for the launch of the new website was to improve and optimise the user’s experience with the website.

After the changes and improvements, the result is a website with much better classified, structured and organised content, making it more dynamic, attractive and accessible.

  • Improvement of the structure
As the first key change for improving the user experience, we’ve updated the structure of the website, putting much more emphasis on the little details, making it quick and easy to navigate, and to find information quickly and intuitively.

As a result, different modules have been differentiated on the home page so that users can conveniently browse Genwec’s range of products, get the latest news and download catalogues, among other services.

  • New design
In terms of design, we have brought to the website the elegance and quality that characterises all of our products. As such, the website has a clean and more modern aesthetic which highlights elegance, simplicity and visual appeal.

  • Incorporation of content
We have also enhanced the website by adding new content to provide all the information required by the customer.

The new functionality aims to provide greater visibility of our products and services, make it easier for our customers to search, find all the news, updates... You can download data sheets, catalogues and projects.

  • Versatility

Another new feature is the responsive design that can adapt to and function seamlessly from any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet or phone.

Visit the site and discover all the new features https://www.genwec.com/


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