Equipped and safe offices: Adaptability, harmony and comfort

The progressive return to the offices is already a reality. The pandemic has left its mark on the way you interact, not only with others but also with the public spaces you use: offices, administrations, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. No one doubts the need to maintain hygiene, distances and spaciousness of spaces.
And it is that adapting your office is key to protecting the safety and health of the entire workforce.
But not only that, after these two years, the spaces take on vital importance. Places that breathe innovation, collaboration, concentration, productivity and inspiration.
Flexible spaces, multipurpose furniture and equipment, safe facilities to offer an experience of comfort, health and well-being for all users.

Tips for choosing bathroom accessories:

  • Measure the space you have and the arrangement of the furniture.
  • Start with the basic accessories (faucets, shelves, towel racks, mirrors), continue with small accessories (soap dispenser, glasses, toilet paper holders, brush holders) and finish with some decorative elements, depending on the style you want to give it.
  • Choose the lighting accessories, they are the ones that most influence the transformation of the bathroom.
Adaptability and harmony become comfort in our entire new line of GENWEC Bathroom Accessories.

You will find different series, depending on what you prefer:
  •  Simplicity and practicality for a functional and modern bathroom, with round style accessories made of high quality zinc.
  •  Modernity and style with subtle curves and organic shapes.
  •  Presence and robustness of stainless steel, round shapes and satin finish for spaces with a large influx of people.
  •  Elegance and modernity with stainless steel and matte black coating.
  •  Versatility and design with highly resistant brass and maximum durability.
  •  Subtlety and elegance with accessories with refined lines to give harmony to the space.
Download our new brochure and discover all the lines of bathroom accessories.

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